Quite Royal – The Clash Royale Review



Awesome video games gets you fascinated all the time. This happens mostly with a strategy game such as Clash Royale. The game has logistical challenges to keep you glued to your phone. You get addicted. Closing the game is such a hard decision to make. You will want to get back to Clash Royale the soonest time possible. All you want to do is to solve the challenges. Your skillful thinking is much needed in tactically and strategically planning to achieve a victory.

Clash Royale video game is a freemium, MOBA game developed and published by Supercell. It had its global release for Android and iOS in March of this year. The game features several elements. These are Action Real-Time Strategy (ARTS), Tower Defense, and Card games.


There is a maximum of thirteen levels on the 9 arenas which include a training camp. The levels and arenas are used in ranking players. You win by destroying more towers than your opponent. Destroying your opponent’s King’s Tower also gets you victory. You get an automatic 3 crown victory through the destruction of the King’s Tower.

Players start the game by choosing 4 cards from a deck of 8 cards. In order to attack or defend, you must play the chosen cards. You require elixer to play the cards. This elixer replenishes with time as you play. The different arenas on Clash Royale are unlocked through acquiring a certain number of trophies. Winning several battles is what gets you the trophies. Another way of increasing the level of the player is by upgrading or donating cards. Higher levels have more damage and tower hit points.Your XP increases with every level.

The freemium state of the game allows you to play the game for free except when you require virtual items or proprietary features. This allows you to purchase gold and gems using real-world money from the play store.

Several arenas provide a lot of adventure. These include;
• Training Camp
• Goblin Stadium
• Bone Pit
• Barbarian Bowl
• P.E.K.K.A.M’s Playhouse
• Spell Valley
• Builder’s Workshop
• Royal Arena
• Legendary Arena

There are chests won by winning the multiplayer online battle. These are Silver, Gold, Giant, as well as Magical and Super Magical chests. All chests take different amount of time to open. 3 hours are needed for an unlocked Silver Chest to open. Gold chests take 8 hours to unlock. The Giant and Magical chests take twelve hours. A whole day is required for a Super Magical chest to unlock. Unlocking of the chests may be sped by using gems. Players get gems, gold and cards from the unlocked chests. These vary on different levels. Look out for free chests offered at certain time intervals.

Clash Royale hack video game offers a lot. So much fun is got from a single game.


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